Antonio Andrade

was born in La Puebla de Cazalla near Sevilla, one of the andalucian villages full of tradition regarding flamenco-singing. Growing up in a family of “aficionados”, thats what they call flamenco-lovers there, his life was involved in this ancient form of art, dance and singing from the beginning. His leader from the start was his uncle Jose Menese – a living legend in matters of flamenco-singing. So it was a matter of course that Antonio started to play the guitar very early as a small child.

His career started as a 15 year old teenager, when he recorded two CD´s with his flameco-group “Los Alhama”. Later he took a leading postion in this group and founded “Compañia Flamenca Alhama”, who he was giuding as artistical chief. Together with his brother Javier Andrade, who is accompanying him until today as a manager, they produced one successful production after another, like “Mi Andalucia”, “Flamenco es mi vida” or “Mi Carmen Flamenca”.

He was also contributor at productions of other producers like “Magneten”, leaded by famous Andre Heller and groups like “Music Ensemble of Benares” of India and also “Maria Benitez Teatro Flamenco”.
As a guitarplayer he worked together with great artist like Javier Barón, Israel Galván, Antonio “El Pipa”, Javier Cruz, Sara Baras, Carmen Ledesma, Concha Vargas, Manolo Marín, “La Lupi”, Ricardo Modrego, Curro Fernández, Luis de Luis and many others who influencend him strongly and brought him up with great experience.

Uncountable tours from europe (f.ex. Deutsche Oper Berlin, Alte Oper Frankfurt, Prinzregententheater München, Philharmonie Warschau, Konzerthaus Wien, Teatro Ariston San Remo) over to USA (u.a. Joyce Theatre New York, Fox Theatre Atlanta, Lensic Theatre Santa Fe) and to Japan (f.ex. International Forum Tokio, Granship Daichi Shizuoka), China (f.ex. Shanghai Oriental Art Center and Pekín Mei Lang Fan Gran Opera), Russia as well as many other countries, like Panama, Turkey, Morocco, Syria, Canada.
Together with Úrsula Moreno he founded “Compañía Flamenca Antonio Andrade” and created new tendencies in Flamenco in great productions named “Noches de Amor”, “Vaya con Dios”, “Bailando al Cante” and “Lluvia de Tierra”.
The art of Flamenco is expressing all human feelings, even those, we have no words for.