for dancers and musicians

All levels

No prior knowledge is required.

6 classes of 1 hour 15 min.

The course will last for 6 days (Sat. 6.07. – Fri. 12.07.2024), Tue. 9.07.2024 – scheduled day off. Subject to changes.

170 Eur

– 5% until 30.04.2024, additional 5% discount when purchasing two or more courses.

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The flamenco singing course, led by David Bastidas, is another part of the series of workshops that cover various disciplines such as singing, dance, guitar and percussion. With a long professional career in the field of flamenco, David guides students through a detailed and clear process that allows them to deeply understand and appreciate the art of flamenco singing and gives them an understanding of how singing works with flamenco -Dance and the guitar are interwoven.

The course begins with the analysis of the selected song lyrics (the "palos" will be the same as in the choreography courses), dissecting them to understand their meaning and background. Students explore each word and phrase, unraveling their context and underlying emotions. This first phase lays the foundation for an interpretation that is more authentic and soulful.

The students then dive into the melody and break it down sentence by sentence. David walks them through each note and intonation, ensuring they understand and master every detail of the melody. This attention to detail guarantees a precise and expressive performance.

Once both the lyrics and melody are mastered, they are integrated to form a complete and coherent interpretation. Students learn to seamlessly combine words and notes to create a melody that faithfully reflects the message and emotion of the song. Finally, students refine their singing by working on pitch, rhythm and expression and perfect their technique.

Throughout the course, the interaction between flamenco singing and dance is emphasized, allowing dancers and musicians to execute their art in a fluid and logical manner. David, with his extensive experience in dance accompaniment, will naturally share his profound understanding and knowledge of the subject. This helps to grasp the importance of synchronization and interaction between music and movement in flamenco.

Not only does he teach vocal techniques, but he also offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the very essence of flamenco.


David, a passionate flamenco artist with a contemporary vision, has made his mark as a producer, director, and multidisciplinary performer. Born on October 21, 1982, in Baza (Granada), he has taken his love for flamenco to new heights, becoming one of the foremost figures in the international scene of modern flamenco.

Graduating as a Senior Technician in Audiovisual Production and Shows, David secured a spot in the first class of the Flamenco Singing specialty at the Professional Conservatory of Music in Seville. In 2008, he founded his own production company, FLAMENCOMOTORA, where he has created highly acclaimed original shows.

Among his notable productions are "Cuéntame la Copla," his directorial debut at the age of 20, and "Hombre a Hombre," the first LGTBI flamenco show in history, in collaboration with Niño de Elche. He has also collaborated with renowned artists such as Victor Bravo on "Voice and Body" and Felype de Lima on "Transmutation," winner of the Best Show Award at FOC 2022.

His versatility and talent have led him to perform at leading tablaos across the country and prestigious international festivals. He has participated in prominent artistic projects such as Salvador Távora's "Quejío" and Víctor Bravo Flamenco Company's "Alegoría." He has also ventured into theater, television, and film, notably starring in "Post" alongside Edu Soto and appearing on the TV show "The Voice" in 2021.

As an educator, David has developed his own teaching method over more than 10 years at the Belgian Academy AKDT and the MASKEMUSICA summer school.

The press has praised his talent and social, cultural, and artistic commitment. According to EL PAÍS, "David is more than a singer; he is an actor with a powerful, raspy voice that pierces the heart." EL MUNDO highlights his dedication to culture and art, noting that his work contributes to enriching the history of flamenco and copla with contemporary and captivating stage productions.

"David is more than a singer; he is an actor with a powerful, raspy voice that pierces the heart"


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