6 – 13th July 2024



20th edition

With two decades of unwavering dedication, the International Flamenco Courses of La Puebla de Cazalla have not only withstood the test of time but have flourished, becoming a unique and enriching educational experience for enthusiasts of this wonderful art.


In this special place, we offer you more than just a course and invite you to immerse yourself in the passion, culture, and tradition of flamenco. Discover your own rhythm, express your creativity, and live the unique experience of learning flamenco in an environment that celebrates the authenticity and diversity of this fascinating art. Join us and let flamenco take you on an unforgettable journey!

An unforgettable journey 

to the place where art can change your life.


Explore a variety of courses designed to suit your individual needs and immerse yourself in the exciting world of flamenco learning. With 20 years of experience, we have had the privilege of welcoming students of the four corners of the world. Join our global community and discover your potential in an environment that celebrates cultural diversity and transcends borders. In La Puebla de Cazalla, knowledge knows no bounds, and each class offers an excellent opportunity to grow alongside classmates from all continents. Welcome to an enriching and unique learning experience!



Ursula Moreno


Juan Polvillo


Irene Álvarez


Ursula Moreno

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Úrsula Moreno & Antonio Andrade

Have you ever wondered how the communication between flamenco dancers and musicians on stage works, allowing for an almost magical performance without prior rehearsal? Perhaps there's a "secret code" or a special language that creates this seamless connection? We'll discover together that this fascinating language is not only real but also neither a secret nor a mystery.

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Antonio Andrade

These courses for different levels with a special focus on accompanying flamenco dance provide students with the unique opportunity to practice what they have learned in live dance classes, merging instrumental technique with the physical expression of flamenco art.

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David Bastidas

The course designed for dancers and guitarists addresses the same "palos" (styles) studied in dance courses to enrich the understanding and execution of flamenco art in all its dimensions.

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Javier Prieto

A dynamic course that immerses dancers and musicians in the essence of flamenco, offering a deep understanding and mastery of the characteristic rhythms of this art form. With a unique combination of theory and practice, students explore the richness and complexity of flamenco compás, acquiring skills to express themselves authentically and passionately in their art.

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We stand out as a consolidated team with over 40 years of experience in the artistic and management world. Our group is composed of artists, including dancers, singers, guitarists, and percussionists, backed by a solid management team. Each member is an expert in their field, with a wealth of knowledge. With extensive experience in performances and teaching, we strive to provide exceptional experiences in every course we offer, knowing how to ensure quality and enjoyment for our students.


a magical place where we conduct our classes

Discover this historic place that serves as the backdrop for our courses, the Hacienda de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, known as Fuenlonguilla. Located on the outskirts of La Puebla de Cazalla, this 19th-century estate, originally dedicated to agriculture, has been restored and transformed into a space dedicated to flamenco in all its forms. Since 1991, its large central courtyard has hosted the Festival of Cante Jondo and later from 2004 the International Flamenco Workshops during the first week of July, offering a unique experience where the purest roots of flamenco converge with avant-garde elements.

Large central courtyard of the Fuenlonguilla


The dance rooms of Fuenlonguilla offer an intimate and authentic environment to explore the expression of flamenco. With an atmosphere steeped in history, these rooms provide the perfect stage to immerse oneself in the artistic richness of the incomparable genre.

The small dance room

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55th edition of iconic Flamenco Festival

The lamp, which was designed by Francisco Moreno Galvan, is the symbol of the festival.

13th JULY 2024

We are gearing up for the iconic Reunión de Cante Jondo of La Puebla de Cazalla, a flamenco festival that has captivated hearts since its inception in 1967. This year, the big night is set for July 13th, a date that marks a milestone in Andalusia's cultural calendar. The majestic Hacienda La Fuenlonguilla will be the stage for this eagerly awaited event, where the very essence of Cante Jondo manifests itself in all its glory.

Immersing oneself in this festival is delving into a world where passion and flamenco tradition converge sublimely. It's more than a spectacle; it's an experience that touches the soul and awakens deep emotions. From the guitar's rhythm to the lament of the cante, each note resonates with the strength of centuries of history and culture, with the passion of past and present generations.

But the magic is not confined to a single night. Throughout the week leading up to the main event, a series of parallel activities take place that further enrich the experience. From flamenco art exhibitions to gastronomic tastings and concerts featuring top-line artists, every moment is infused with the essence of flamenco and the celebration of its cultural richness.

Join us on this emotional journey, where music, dance, and cante intertwine in an extraordinary cultural setting. At the Reunión de Cante Jondo of La Puebla de Cazalla, the magic of flamenco awaits to envelop you in its eternal spell. 

We look forward to having you be a part of this unforgettable experience!

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a place where art can change your life

A quaint village nestled in the heart of Andalusia, every July undergoes a remarkable transformation into a bustling global meeting point  for flamenco lovers worldwide.


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