6 classes of 1,5h

The course will last for 6 days (Sat. 6.07. – Fri. 12.07.2024), Tue. 9.07.2024 – scheduled day off. Subject to changes.

230 Eur

– 5% until 30.04.2024, additional 5% discount when purchasing two or more courses.

What is included in the price?

Take Your First Step into Flamenco

The introductory Flamenco Fandango course offers an exceptional opportunity to immerse oneself in the beauty and passion of flamenco, guided by years of dedication and teaching expertise from Irene Álvarez.

This meticulously crafted course aims to immerse students in the energy and excitement of the fandango, a flamenco style renowned for its lively rhythm and unique expressiveness. Throughout the classes, participants will develop a solid understanding of the fandango's fundamentals, including its musical structure and defining rhythmic patterns, as well as mastering the basic footwork and hand movements.

Beyond exploring the various fandango variations, students will also discover how this flamenco style interlaces with other forms of expression within the flamenco genre, enriching their understanding and appreciation of this art form.

While prior flamenco dance experience is not mandatory, students are encouraged to have a basic familiarity with flamenco dance techniques and style to enhance their learning journey.

Additionally, participants are advised to have flamenco shoes to fully engage with the learning process and connect with the rhythm and musicality of the dance. However, for those without flamenco shoes, low-heeled court shoe with a wide heel and a strap are acceptable for class participation.

"dive in in the energy and emotion of Fandango"

Under Irene Álvarez's expert tutelage, students will receive careful guidance and personalized attention as they embark on their journey of discovery and skill development. Active class participation is encouraged, with individualized feedback provided to ensure effective progress in mastering flamenco fandango techniques.

In summary, this course presents an exciting opportunity to delve into the beauty and passion of flamenco while learning the essentials of this distinctive style within flamenco dance, all under the guidance of Irene Álvarez's teaching expertise and dedication.


She began her training in Spanish classical dance at the age of 9 under the guidance of the renowned dancer Matilde Coral and the Royal Conservatory of Music and Dance in Seville, where she obtained her advanced degree in 1993. Her style follows a classical line, particularly linked to the elegance of the so-called Sevillian School. Since then, she has continued to nurture and refine her flamenco training under the direction of masters such as El Güito, Manolo Marin, Javier Latorre, Angel Atienza, Manuel Betanzos, and Isabel Bayón, whom she assisted in the courses of the Jerez Festival in 2009/2010/2012/2018.

Even at a very young age, she participated in the movie "Sevillanas" (Carlos Saura, 1992), but it was from 2002 onwards when she began to perform in international tablaos and theaters alongside artists such as guitarist Antonio Andrade, singer José Parrondo, as well as guitarists Rafael Cortés or Mariano Martín. Especially alongside dancer Federico Ordoñez, with whom she formed an artistic duo between 2008 and 2010.

As a versatile dancer with a desire to experiment with connections and disparities in relation to other musical expressions, her collaborations with artists from different cultural backgrounds have materialized in various crossover projects: "Antiphon," a production by Alexander Gavilán with Indian singer Madhu Singh, or the work "Carmen," in the opera and flamenco version by Tania Kross and Thijs Borsten (2017/2019), with which she successfully completed a tour of up to 70 concerts in the Netherlands. The duo project with violinist Pablo Rodríguez on Canarian folklore, "Identidades," 2020, with which they won the First Prize for short film from the Rincón del Emigrante Canario, or collaborations with the Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest alongside Jalal Chekara or the BVR Flamenco Big Band (Bernard Van Rossum).

Among her most emblematic productions is the co-production MUSA, a duo with classical guitarist and singer María Marín, the work "Dreaming Carmen" (a play in acts about the myth of Merimée alongside dancer Virginia Delgado, 2019), "Los misterios de Rosario" (about the life of Rosario La Mejorana, mother of Pastora Imperio, 2021), or "Cromática" (2022, a trio work with violinist Pablo Rodríguez and Alexander Gavilán).

Irene combines her love for the stage with her teaching work at CODARTS - University for the Arts, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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