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All levels

The class schedule will be in the afternoon and will not overlap with the Cante class or any other class.

5 classes of 1 h.

The course will last for 5 days (Su. 7.07. – Fri. 12.07.2024), Tue. 9.07.2024 – scheduled day off. Subject to changes.

150 Eur

– 5% until 30.04.2024, additional 5% discount when purchasing two or more courses.

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Flamenco Rhythms

  • Comprehensive Understanding
  • All Levels
  • Enriching Experience
  • Fun Atmosphere

The course led by Javier offers a deep immersion into the rhythmic universe of flamenco. From the meticulous analysis of the various rhythmic families that make up the genealogical tree of flamenco to their practical application in different styles, this program provides a comprehensive understanding of the complexity and diversity of flamenco rhythms. Throughout the course, students explore the historical and geographical origin of these rhythms, delving into their evolution and influence on contemporary flamenco music. In addition, special attention is devoted to the development of skills in clapping and percussion, allowing participants not only to understand but also to experience and master the rhythmic essence of flamenco. With a unique combination of theory and practice, this course provides a solid platform for those who wish to delve into the fascinating world of flamenco rhythm and develop their own style and artistic sensitivity.

This course is accessible to people of all levels, from beginners to experienced. For beginners, the course offers a comprehensive introduction to the world of flamenco rhythm, providing a solid foundation for their future development. Meanwhile, experienced participants can discover new perspectives and techniques that will enrich their practice and allow them to reach an even higher level of skill and artistic expression.

Javier guarantees a fun and enriching learning environment for all his students. His engaging pedagogical approach and deep knowledge of flamenco ensure that each class is a rewarding and stimulating experience for all participants.


The courses on flamenco dance, singing, guitar, and rhythmics are not separate entities but interconnected components of a larger whole. Each of these elements studies the same art from different perspectives, thus enriching the overall understanding of flamenco from multiple angles.

Connection with Other Courses

This course is closely connected with our dance, singing, and guitar courses. Special attention is paid to the styles that will be studied in the choreographies, such as Guajira, Tangos/Bulerías, and Fandango. This connection between rhythm study and dance allows students to understand the intimate relationship between music and bodily expression in flamenco, providing a holistic and enriching educational experience.

Original Methodology

Javier Prieto, with over 18 years dedicated to developing his own methodology, offers students a unique and comprehensive approach to understanding and mastering flamenco rhythms. The concepts taught in the course are not only fundamental for musicians in their practice but also provide a solid foundation for dancers in creating and executing choreographies. This established methodology has been proven effective in developing both musical and dance skills, providing students with the necessary tools for their artistic growth.

Our Objective

By the end of the course, students will have systematized the concepts learned and will be equipped to apply them practically and creatively. They will be able to create their own rhythmic choreographies, distinguish between various rhythmic families, and understand how these are interconnected in the vast universe of flamenco. This ability to analyze and apply rhythms will not only enrich their personal practice but also allow for a deeper appreciation and more authentic interpretation of flamenco art in all its forms.


Javier Prieto has spent over 20 years dedicated to flamenco rhythm and compás, both as a percussionist, composer, and educator. Javier began his journey in flamenco under the guidance of the Sevillian playwright Salvadoras Távora at the age of 21. He is a musician who delved into flamenco without prior familial learning, finding himself in the position of having to learn on his own how the different palos and rhythms function. This challenge led him to develop his own methodology in teaching rhythm, which resonates with the condition of being a "foreigner" or someone outside of the flamenco tradition that he encounters in the majority of his students.

Since 2004, Javier has been actively working as an educator, continuously expanding and refining his teaching method. He has regularly worked at the Taller Flamenco academy in Seville, as well as at the Museum of Flamenco Dance. Javier has served as a teacher at flamenco festivals and gatherings worldwide, including Mont de Marsan, Nimes, Festival de Jerez, La Puebla de Cazalla, Bilbao, In9 Fusión Flamenca in Barcelona, Milan, Lisbon, Mexico City, Bogotá, Aarhus, and Istanbul.


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